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Blue Encount, Sayuri will show the theme song for My Hero Academia Season 4

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My Hero’s Academia Season 4 anime will start airing on October 12 this year.

Today, No. 39 Shonen Jump Week announced the theme song for the My Hero Academia Season 4.   Blue Encount  ( Banana Fish ,  Gintama ) will show the opening theme song “Polaris” while that Sayuri  ( ERASED ,  Golden Kamuy ) will perform the song ends “Kokai no Uta” (Voyage Song).

My Hero Academia season 3 part 1 of 13 episodes has been aired since April 7, 2018. My Hero Anime Academia season 3 part 2 contains 12 episodes, starting from the arc ‘Pro Hero Provisional License Exam’ has been uploaded waves from July 14 last year.

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